Why should I protect my asset?

Why should I protect my asset?

You can’t afford to leave your wealth unprotected. Your Walfrid Private Adviser can help you steer your assets safely through difficult times, providing certainty in times of uncertainty.

Protecting your hard-earned assets through appropriate insurance is an integral part of the financial planning process. The trauma of death, accident or serious illness can be devastating for you, your family and your financial plan, especially if you’re in the wealth accumulation phase of your financial plan – that is, investing to build your wealth during your working life.

The right insurance advice can help you minimise risks, secure your family’s future and soften the financial blow of serious illness or injury. Your Adviser is able to analyse your insurance needs and recommend appropriate wealth protection solutions.

The same care and expertise your Adviser applies to planning your affairs during your lifetime extends to planning the transfer of your assets to your family and other beneficiaries when you die.

Your Adviser can work with you, your solicitor and/or an estate planning specialist to help you structure a tax-effective estate plan using testamentary trusts and other strategies to protect your assets from unnecessary taxation or the unwelcome claims of others.

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